Pardon the Dust

It’s been much too long since this blog has seem some love, but I’ve finally decided to give it a bit of a wipe down rather than give up entirely and move to Medium or something like that.

I originally tried switching to a content theme like Casper, but at the end of the day, since there were a fair number of customizations I wanted to make anyway, I decided to start with an _s based theme. Since I’m base16-based in most of my work environment, I figure I’d have a go w/ those colors.

  • New theme is on Github, nothing fancy, but you can see the commit log
  • The only thing that took a bit of headscratching was with some weird zooming on the index page in Mobile Safari. Turns out, it doesn’t like long links and will just zoom to the width. My final solution was to add some CSS word-breaking code to a mobile-specific media query (it does some weird breaks to Firefox on the desktop for example).
  • Last year I switched completely to HTTPS (thanks Let’s Encrypt!) and have been slowly making fixes when I’ve encountered them (mostly broken images/media due to HTTP redirects and mixed content annoyingness).