Hacking the Ouya

I’ve made a public Hackpad (I like it and have been using it more and more, although not without reservations) to gather some notes/docs on getting Linux to run on Ouya.

I’m a fan and hope they succeed as an additional channel for indie gaming, but the short of it is that despite some previous claims/hopes, the Ouya is completely hacker unfriendly (bootloader locked, GPL-violating lack of Linux kernel sources, no one at the company answering their emails).

If you’re looking for anything besides playing Android games, you should look elsewhere (there are many alternatives).

So it’s off to the land of misfit gadgets for mine (aka the pile on my workbench) or to gather dust w/ my XBox, but was fun to d/l Gordon’s Beast Boxing Turbo demo and play it on the 70″ screen in the office.

View Ouya Hacking on Hackpad.