turntable.fm wishlist

If you haven’t checked out turntable.fm, open it in a new tab now, then come back. Dropped in yesterday – definitely the best (and most fun) community DJ/social music app I’ve seen yet. The avatars and the headbobbing really make it. Some thoughts/wishlist:

  • Onboarding is sort of rough. A little step-through tutorial would really help, or intro-ing you to a newbie room or something.
  • Scrobbling please. Actually overall, would be nice to have better history – songs you’ve listened to while surfing rooms, who played what in which rooms, what you’ve played. Easier “liking” of track, which in turn would add them to your collection.
  • Better room control would be nice. Basic things like changing room options post creation, and adding moderators, but also allowing moderators to white/blacklist, +/-voice, skip tracks etc. Looking at IRC probably gives a pretty good priority list to start with. auto-afk would be really nice.
  • A global friend chat would be nice. A lot of times I find myself wanting to hop rooms but enjoying chatting w/ some friends. Would be even neater in thos chats would to be able to see what room/track they’re in, would encourage room hopping
  • A bit of a tougher decision, but it’d be neat to see the “on deck” tracks for DJs. It’s hard to really plan a nice flow otherwise when DJing. It’d also allow room members to preskip bad tracks. Accruing enough bad votes over a certain period should probably have an effect
  • Currently the Queue/Song could be improved a lot. It’d be nice when you’re DJing to really be able to see your queue and have a list of your history/likes/etc (your collection) and be able to search at the same time. It’d be also nice to be able to search MediaNet and your own files from the same interface and drag and drop songs in otherwise. Right now it’s a bit of a pain, and all happening in this tiny window w/ a single playlist. (Also what happens when you remove a song that you’ve uploaded from your queue? Who knows? 🙂
  • Room filtering (your own, free djs slots etc). Overal room popularity charts etc would be pretty interesting…


  • The Turntable.fm Extended Chrome extension does auto-awesomeing and can scrobble, but I haven’t gotten the scrobbling to work…