Musical Telephone

This recent St. Vincent performance popped up in my feed today:

Which was good, but led to a much more interesting video, a series called “Guitar Moves” (interestingly, this one was apparently pulled from the original channel for some reason)

The finger-style rock guitaring got me thinking about what M Ward is up to these days (Gibson sponsorship apparently). Here he is jamming backstage in 2007:

Here’s a 2016 live KEXP set:

The KEXP YouTube channel is great, btw. One of my favorite vids from last year (I don’t think I ever posted it here) was this rendition of Okkervil River’s Unless It’s Kicks (completely different from the album version, totally awesome – the strat and the bass combo, just fantastic):

Back on the M Ward tip, ended up reading an old Gibson interview watching a couple She & Him vids. From their second album (listening to the V0 on good cans is actually much more interesting)

which led to a much more recent 2014 video:

The top comment asks to see the green onesie, and sure enough, here’s the making of:

Fun stuff. Oh, also today:

Blade Runner 2049 is out today and is supposed to be quite good (seeing it tomorrow morning at the Cinerama).

To end on a music note, here’s a Kuedo Boiler Room set (Kuedo and Flylo contributed to the soundtrack of the Black Out 2022 Blade Runner short)