Apple’s A7

I don’t spend as much time keeping track of consumer tech these days, but I stumbled on an interesting article on Apple’s new A7 that got me to dig a bit more:

While in the short-term there have been more last-minute leaks from components suppliers, and it may be a losing battle, it looks like Apple is attacking strategic leaks by increased vertical integration: building/buying a fab may only be the first step (keeping in minde that Apple has over $100B in offshore cash).

Plastic cases are one thing, but it’ll be interesting to see how secret Apple can keep its AppleTV and iWatch developments. I think it’s fair to expect the former may end up attacking the living room/XBone a lot more directly than past efforts, and the latter will have a pretty big personal sensing/informatics component. These are both things that are pretty untapped markets for Apple that would benefit from a 360 ecosystem.