neet, i’ve recently gotten hits from nicaragua and poland. weee. i should really install some tracking software. tailing logs are fun, but not really good for getting good stats. (i’m sure if i set up analog properly, i could get it specific enough, but maybe i’ll just use some free tracking service instead. much easier)

hmm, well, seems like blogger is back up. seems to have been out all morning.

i looked this up this past weekend because it occurred to me in my writ340 class for some reason. anyway, here’s the dec software performance report on vms’s y2k leapyear behavior. good for a chuckle and very detailed. this was back when the day when men were men and computer engineers were thorough (1983 – actually, more like when rock stars were androgenous ces wore pocket protectors).

oh a discussion on last night’s horrible xfiles episode at /. and also, while your at it submit your questions for the /. interview with jakob nielsen. i used most of my recent moderation points on that thread. oh, and via camworld, there’s a stating the obvious article about /. and how it now has bias and isn’t independent, blah blah blah. /. has never been about “editorial distance” or lack of bias, so that’s not a huge deal. the main thing to keep in mind is that /. by and large posts news. if users submit it, they will post, and if they don’t, we will complain loudly. we submit the stories, but more importantly, we populate the message threads, we moderate, and we meta-moderate. /. just provides a convenient meeting space. basically, if the community feels that there’s abuse going on, you’ll hear it where it counts – in the message threads. and if nothing gets changed, we’ll leave. because of va linux’s association, we will be suspicious, but that’s not going to make /. useless because va linux doesn’t own /. , we do.

holy shit, this lego millenium falcon is impressive. via

in real space news, nasa bags on boeing for billion dollar cost overruns on the space station. remember when this thing was supposed to be up in space 5 yrs ago? they spent more money delaying this thing than it would have originally cost. i’m going to calm myself before i launch into my it’s the year 2000, where the hell are my personal servant robots diatribe.

i supposedly have all my dns stuff set up, but i’m just going to let it sit until i get a response from before i restart named. i’ll probably do my next name registrations from dotster or something. i’ve heard good things about them recently.