Ways to Dump your Flickr Stats

The following are some ways to grab all your archived stats from Flickr (which will disappear June 1, 2010 Noon PDT!)

Curl Bookmarklet

Drag the following bookmarklet and then run it when you're on your stats page to generate the "curl" command you can run. (just copy and paste the results into a terminal and watch things go)

CURL Bookmarklet

Sort-of-Works Direct Save Bookmarklet

Alternatively, you can use the following bookmarklet, which will try to download all the CSV files if you drag this to your bookmarks bar and run it on the stats page. (You'll want to make sure that CSV files auto-download or else you'll be clicking a fair number of dialog boxes) - This has many caveats... drop me updates if you get it working:

Save all CSV files (maybe)

Also as an alternative for those of sufficiently geeky persuasion, here are the CSV and Excel CSV file lists.

API-based Stats Dumper

I got sidetracked, but Peter Kaminski wrote one. Yay! Check it out here: http://fsb.peterkaminski.com/. This is probably the easiest way to get your stas backed up.